Susan Schmidt, Germanyselot maria SchmidtCV_DEUTSCH.pdf dfg/ fgCV_ENGLISH.pdf


Grants and Lectures
2009 ababa· Selected participant with David Buob at Summer Camp »Tourist Syndrom« Palanga, Litauen,
ababamcmimin association with the project Transient Spaces, uqbar Berlin, D

2007 ababa
· DAAD annual stipend for artistic research in the Netherlands
· Guest participant MA Graduate Programme, Piet Zwart Institute Rotterdam, NL
· Artist residency, KausAustralis, Rotterdam, NL
2006 aba b
· Video presentation and lecture »The artist as dilettante« , Interfiction-Conference »Do it yourself«,
ababacm iiimorganized by Verena Kuni, International Film-and video festival, Kassel, D
ababa· Susan Schmidt, Haus Lukas, Ahrenshoop, artist residency, Kulturstiftung Freistaat Sachsen, D

2011 ababa· DUAL, Kunsthaus Essen, D
ababammm· DUAL, Kuenstlerhaus Dortmund, D
ababammm· Fuer die mit der Sehnsucht, Kunstraum Peripherie, gallery for contemporary art Coburg, D
Bauhaus Now, Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art Chicago, USA
ababammm· Holy things, holy places, former heating plant, Dresden, D
ababa· Love Speech, off-space, West-Germany, Berlin, D
ababammm· Die perfekte Gastgeberin/ The perfect hostess, off-space Kotti-Shop, Berlin, D
ababa· I am my own private dancer, Galerie Jens Fehring Frankfurt a. Main, D
ababa· Revisiting Belgrad, Public Intervention, 5./6. December 2008, Hotel Kasina, Belgrade,
ababamcmimcurated by Boba Mirjana Stojadinovic, SBR
ababammm· Article 23, Galerija Skuc, Ljubljana, SLO
ababa· Trans Video Express: Recent Video Art from Germany, Sara Meltzer gallery, New York, USA
ababammm· Survivers, Galerija Miroslav Kraljevic, Zagreb, KRO
ababammm· Niemals Scheitern / Never Failure, Jette Rudolph Galerie Berlin, D
ababammm· Inquiry in Location, Public Installation, Hotel New York, Rotterdam, part of the exhibition
ababammm· This is how it must feel to be there. organized by Piet Zwart Institute, Rotterdam, NL
ababammm· Home is somewhere else, artist residency DUENDE, Rotterdam, NL
ababammm· Wrong Time, Wrong Place, TENT, Rotterdam, centre for Visual Arts, NL
ababammm· The Cause, Artist residency, Kaus Australis, Rotterdam, NL
ababa· Visual Immortality, 2nd Biennale for Contemporary Art Shumen, BUL
ababammm· ART BRUSSELS, Brüssel, galerieKleindienst, Video presentation, B
ababa· .. verlesenes,/ ..... selected, Galerie Bautzner69, Dresden, D
ababa· Während der Fahrt. Bitte nicht aus dem Fenster lehnen. / During the ride. Please do not lean out of the Window, Galerie Bautzner69, Dresden, D
ababammm· Junge Kunst 9, / emerging artists 9, Galerie Kleindienst, Leipzig, D
ababammm· Art in Contact, Berlin Kreuzberg, Galerie Glück21, Public Art Project, Berlin, D
ababammm· Poesie des Funktionalen / Poetics of the Functional, Industriemuseum Chemnitz, Marianne Brandt Award Exhibition, D
ababammm· working situation, Galerie Bautzner69, Dresden. D
ababa· Fake-Appropriation-Eigensinn, Bauhaus-Universität Weimar, D
ababa· Parasites. Annual Exhibitionof the Academy of Visual Arts Vienna, Kurator: Z. Badovinac, A
ababammm· Through a window that is..., Intervention, Off Space Schleifmühlgasse, Vienna, A
ababammm· Facing II, Galerie der Stadt Wels, A

Screenings and Festival Participations
2011 ababa· Irritations of Normality, Screening for transmediale & CTM, Berlin curated by Johnny Amore
ababammm· THE PRESENCE OF..., NIU ART SPACE, official program of the Loop Festival, Barcelona, ESP
ababa· Video Performances, screening, Rain of Down 3/3, Kunsthalle Tallinn, EE
ababammm· Galleria Sinne, Screening, Helsinki, FI
ababammm· Galleria Rajtaide Screening, Tampere, FI
ababa· Screening, International Workshop, Palanga, LIT
ababa· “product–Festival of Contemporary Art_2008”, Varna, BUL
ababa· European Media Art Festival, Osnabrück, D
ababammm· ArtFair BRUSSELS, galerieKleindienst, B
ababa· Project BASIS & IGEL, public screening, 28. Januar, Berlin, D
ababa· Screening and artist talk, galerie Diskus, Berlin, D
ababammm· NADA Art Fair, Miami, video presentation USA
ababa· Video-Interviews, Academy of Visual Arts Vienna, Vienna, A

Video works / Filmographie
2011ababa· Leaves 9:123min (live action), Buob & Schmidt
2010 ababa· Oblique, forward, horizontal, descending, 4:11min (live action), Susan Schmidt
ababammm· Nine Cases in Nummerical Order, (live action), Buob & Schmidt
ababa· My Cousin abroad, 3:54 min, (live action), Buob & Schmidt
ababa· Die Part-time Jobs der Avantgarde, 4:00min, (video), Susan Schmidt
ababa· Dad’s Cellar, 6:43 min, (live action), Buob & Schmidt
ababammm· La Profession de Maman, 6:16 min, (live action) Buob & Schmidt
ababa· Love is here to stay, 3,53 min (music video), Susan Schmidt
ababa· Während der Fahrt. Bitte nicht aus dem Fenster lehnen. 8.30 min, (live action), Susan Schmidt
ababa· Video - Inter - Views, 25 min, (5 interview clips plus animation), Buob & Schmidt

Education and teaching
since 2010 c · Teaching Position(part-time), Freiherr vom Stein-Highschool, Kleve, D
c · Guest Lecturer for Photography, Hoogeschool Arnhem und Nijmegen, NL
c · Guest Participant Fine Arts Master Graduierten Programm des Piet Zwart Institutes, Rotterdam, NL
-2000 c · MA Degree Visual Communication, Bauhaus University Weimar (Prof. Fröhlich und Frank Westermeyer)
c · Study Exchange Academy of Visual Arts Vienna (Meisterklasse Fotografie), A
c · Studies in Visual Arts and Visual Communication at the Bauhaus Universität Weimar, D
· Study Exchange Brock University, St. Catharines Ontario, CND
· Studies in Visual Art, English and Education(equivatent to M. Ed.), University of Leipzig, D